Some Project Highlights

This section has some visuals from past projects.

USDA/ERS Farm Model

The databases for this CGE world trade model were converted from MS Access and Excel files into a single large GDX file using the tools mdb2gms and sql2gms.

USDA/ERS Reap Model

Some datasets are the result of merging many data sources. Data forms the basis for this partial equilibrium model.

Industrial Parallel Machine Scheduling

PMAC Model: parallel machine scheduling. Run GAMS from an Oracle based application.

Environment Canada CGE Model Excel Reporting Tool

Create pivot tables after running a series of scenarios. Excel is used as front-end for this application.

New Zealand Electricity Commission

Rolling horizon algorithm for generator expansion investment model.

Water Resource Modeling

Excel based GIS-enabled application.

Vehicle Routing Planning

C# .Net based tool for VRP with Time Windows (Hybrid Genetic Algorithm + Parallel MIP).

Investment Planning

Optimal investments in water resource projects under climate change scenarios. This is a World Bank project.

An Excel based dashboard allows us to quicky view and comprehend large amounts of solution data.

Industrial scheduling of electroplating lines

A job shop like scheduling problem.

One dimensional cutting stock

Results of cutting stock problems for reinforcing steel supplier.